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Losing giant sequoias made us aware

The giant sequoia trees are there in California for more than 3,000 years now. But recently we have witnessed the KNP Complex fire and how much it has threatened the giant trees. The lower parts of the trees had to be covered with fire-resistant foil blankets to protect it from fire.

A report form National Park Service has declared that in between the Castle fire of 2020 and KNP fires of 2021, we have lost more than 10,000 of the giant trees.

The report also says that in coming three to five years, we will lose 20% of these trees. These trees naturally grow in California only.

This is a catastrophic news, as these trees have evolved with time to make it fire proof and actually depends on fire for the release of its seeds from its cones. But a combination of ultra-hot wildfires and blanketing the tops of the trees have determined a higher mortality rate among the trees. The trees are also dispersing seeds in large numbers.

The giant tress has wiped out in thousands from the state. This also reminds us of the growing climate change. The Trump administration has mentioned about this in its various websites, mainly in Environmental Protection Agency.

Now is the time, when the people of the country need to understand the consequences of their lacklustre attitude towards climate change. Hiding from the truth is not going to save sequoias or uncountable other species.

Scientists do not say that the sequoias are going to extinct. But our world is losing ancient trees at a frightening pace.


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