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Satellites will monitor CO2 emission

To calculate each countries’ carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning, researchers have developed a model by using observations from space. This model can be used in Earth observation program Copernicus to send satellite in space in coming decades.

At the COP26 climate summit, world leaders have agreed upon the phasing out of coal and fossil fuels. They have also talked about the 1.5-degree target of Paris Agreement. Reduction is carbon emission is required to reach this goal.

Now onwards individual stated have to give report of their carbon emission. The accuracy of this data will depend on the quality of activity data and the processes each state applied to collected the data.

World leaders have also planned to establish a global system based on independent satellite measurements. Lund University researchers have investigated the potential of satellite-based measurements of carbon emission.

Researchers think satellite monitoring of carbon dioxide emissions will gain momentum. EU is already planning to launch several new satellites from 2025 as a part of Copernicus Earth observation program. Researchers also says that theses satellites should be used to measure reliable carbon dioxide emissions data.

Researchers also suggested that, in their opinion, independent verification of individual countries’ carbon dioxide emissions is a reliable step. These satellites will also help to examine the effectiveness of the carbon dioxide reduction measures that was implemented by the Paris Agreement.


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