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Nuclear spin ensemble will help to measure quantum entanglement

University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory researchers have introduced a new way of measuring the spin states of a nuclear ensemble.

The approach of the Cambridge University researchers contains an electron spin to activate a nuclear spin-wave and the activation depends on the state of the examined nuclear ensemble. The researchers tried to find a way to make the ensemble more accurate to get better information. Spin-wave modes can increase or decrease an ensemble’s polarization.

The strength of any type of spin-wave modes depends on the ‘points up’ or ‘points down’ of an ensemble. By measuring these two types of spin-wave modes, researchers can have useful information about how much each nuclear spin and they can infer spin populations.

This method of observing many-body systems using a ‘proxy’ electron spin qubit opens a new way of probing nuclear ensembles without measuring individual spin readouts.

This new system a proxy qubit comes in close contact with dense nuclear ensemble which results in extracting interesting information about their quantum properties.

In the future, a new quantum technology can be developed by probing the spin states of nuclear ensembles.

The team of researchers are now trying to master the quantum dots to ensure their spin ensembles have better coherence to exhibit more quantum properties.


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