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PhysicsAlert.com is a leading web-based science and technology news service. Which covers the whole range of subjects related to science and technology. These include physics, earth science, nanotechnology, electronics, space, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies.

PhysicsAlert.com – Gives you daily information about discoveries happening around the world. The articles featured on it are sourced from leading research institutes and universities. Through these articles, the scientific community tells the results of their research and studies.

PhysicsAlert.com – Offering the most comprehensive coverage of sci-tech developments around the world.


Physicsalert.com is becoming one of the leading platforms to promote the excellency of scientific knowledge to a worldwide audience who has the thirst to know something beyond the common. It is becoming one of the largest online communities for people who wants to rise at the peak of knowledge. Our website publishes quality articles everyday about the new findings in the field science, technology and astronomical research.


Physicsalert’s one and only mission is to bring the latest updates in science, technology, astronomical and environmental field. Our goal is to find interesting science and technology stories and to uncover the details behind those stories for our readers. We deeply understand the taste of our readers and we want to reach a worldwide audience of scientists, researchers, engineers, academia, tech geeks, students and graduates.

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PhysicsAlert.com are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to physicsalert.com. We Collect Info From University, Research Agency And Research Paper Or Journal.

Our Team

Anushree Kole, Master of Science (MS)

Responsible for Astronomy & Space vision. He has been the editor-in-chief of physicsalert.com has all areas of space news and science like astrobiology, astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration.

Kelash Junior, B.Sc in IT and Software

Responsible for Technology Vision. he is responsible for Nanotechnology, nanophysics, robotics, artificial intelligence, engineering, and machine learning. He is the author and co-author of numerous scientific publications.

Maruti Shah, Biochemistry and physical sciences

Responsible for chemistry and covers all areas of the chemistry field like biochemistry and material science. Have 8 Experience of in writing content and have published well-known top publications.

Nelish Singh

Responsible for earth science and the environment. he was fascinated writer and loved reading and writing books related to science and sold several books on science. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Information Systems Management. She responsible for astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration

Surekha Barfa

Responsible For agriculture archaeology ecology evolution molecular & computational biology paleontology & fossils, general physics, quantum, and plasma physics. Her passion for writing shows her in the article.

Ricky Kaka

Responsible for physical sciences writer, responsible for physics, nanoscience, Responsible general physics, quantum and plasma physics, optics & photonics superconductivity. Master of Science degree from Columbia University School of Journalism.