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Russia admits destroying satellite with space missile

Russia has admitted that it has destroyed one of its satellites during a missile test but Russia has also rejected the accusation of U.S. about endangering the International Space Station for the missile test. U.S. has accused Russia for taking an irresponsible step about destroying a satellite and creating a cloud of debris which has forced the ISS crew to take evasive action.

US officials said they were not informed in advance about the missile test. The destruction of the satellite generated more than 1,500 pieces of debris in the orbit.

US officials has also said that the debris is still threatening other satellites and ISS.

But Russia said that it was carrying out planned activities to strengthen its defence capabilities. Russia has also declined the statement that the test has endangered ISS.

The crew of ISS was forced to take shelter in their return ships as a precaution.

Despite this fact, US and Russia have maintained strong space ties since the end of the Cold War.


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