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Fires in Sierra likely to grow in frequency

According to research done by University of California researchers human-induced climate change will increase blazes throughout the Sierra about 50 percent. The researchers have studied a particular outbreak of specific fires in the mountain range and they hope that their findings will help to predict wildfire risks more accurately.

It is known that heat waves precede the ignition of wildfires but previously the relationship between these two were not studied well. The researchers found during summer, 1-degree Celsius rise in temperature will increases the chances of fire to 19-22 percent.

Researchers said, global warming will worsen the situation as by 2040, average summer temperatures in the Sierra will increase by 2 degrees Celsius.

They also explained, what kinds of temperatures is leading to the ignition of wildfires is essential to know as global warming continues to worsen.

This research will help fire managers and stakeholders to prepare better for each wildfire season.


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