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NASA’s Eyes on Earth puts the world at your fingertips

NASA’s Eyes on the Earth, a real-time 3D visualization tool, has got a recent upgrade to include more datasets. This is going to put the world at your fingertips. Through this tool, you will be able to track the planet’s vital signs such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to sea level and soil moisture levels. You will also be able to follow the fleet of Earth satellites providing those measurements.

Eyes on the Earth will keep you updated about recent environmental phenomena and their impacts on our planet.

For example, if you want to know measurements of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in your area then, go to the Vital Signs menu and click the carbon dioxide button. Eyes on the Earth will present in front of you a visualized data captured by NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 satellite that measures carbon dioxide from the ground to the top of the atmosphere.

The upgraded version of Eyes on the Earth will provide you with snapshots of particularly significant events of the natural world, such as, the maximum wind speed of any tropical storm, the impacts of northern California fire, the phytoplankton bloom off in New Zealand and more such recent activities of our environment.

The upgraded version will also provide a seamless user experience.


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