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Researchers suggest more humility is needed in social and life sciences

University of Groningen and University of California together has published a research paper in which they described a methodology for imbuing intellectual humility into the paper writing and publishing process.

Scientists noted a crisis of humility in the social, behavioural and life sciences over the past few years. In involves multiple reports of the inability to replicate results in academic papers.

Researchers think that there is a lack of intellectual humility and not enough acknowledgment of the limitations of these kinds of works. Researchers suggested a humble approach of making guidelines for the publishing process.

They suggested to make a more honest description about the work and achievements. Researchers need to stop exaggerating the impact of their work in the introduction of the research paper.

In the method section they should implement their work in such a way that other can replicate it. The reasons for taking particular decisions are made should be explained.

In the conclusion portion, researchers should not only talk about the positive aspects of the research but they also need to discuss some of the things that did not work as they have planned.

Researchers said that these changes should be made in research papers, otherwise the result of this can be disastrous if the proposed changes are not made.


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