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Plant-based gummy candy helps vegans to get their vitamins

Researchers found a new strawberry-flavoured gummy with vitamins B12 and D3 without any animal products so vegans and vegetarians can fulfil their daily needs. As millions of people follow vegan and vegetarian diets for various reasons in the world. But if their diet is not well planned or supplemented correctly, then their body can lack vitamins B12 and D3.

B12 Vitamin is exclusively found in animal products only. People can also make vitamin D3 when their body is exposed to enough sunlight, but the problem is many people are not staying outside enough to meet the requirement for this vitamin. So, we need to consume vitamin D3 through fish, eggs and organ meats.

To avoid the deficiencies of vitamins in their body, vegans take supplements, but there is no supplement where they can get vitamin B12 and D3 together for their differing solubilities.

There is only one solution to put them together and that is through gummy candies. Previous research has shown us that pectin, a plant-based polysaccharide, can be a gelling agent in animal product-free foods.

So, researchers tried to make a gummy candy enriched with vitamins B12 and D3 by using pectin.

First, the researchers put together all the materials to make an emulsion. They added inulin, gum Arabic, flaxseed oil, vitamin D3 in a citrate buffer and pectin, calcium chloride and vitamin B12 in another citrate buffer. Then, the scientists rapidly stirred the emulsion with sugar and produced an emulsion-filled gel. The researchers also added natural strawberry flavour in it to develop the taste.

The gel has become a reddish gum after it dried. The scientists have appointed 120 untrained panellists to taste the final product and they all have given high score to the gum.

In conclusion the researchers said that now it will be easier to make food products more nutritious.       


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