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Only 15 per cent of global coastal regions remain intact

New research has revealed that only 15 percent of coastal areas around the world remain intact. It exposes the need for urgent coastal rehabilitation and conservation on a global scale.

The University of Queensland-led international study mapped the impact of human-caused pressures on coastal regions. It helped to identify those that are already highly degraded and those that remain intact.

Scientists said the findings provide valuable insights into humanity’s widespread impacts on Earth’s precious coastal ecosystems.

Scientists discovered the 15.5 percent of coastal areas that remain intact as of 2013. Canada was responsible for the largest expanse of coastal region that stood intact.

Scientists said collaborative research approach involved looking at two datasets. One focused on human impacts on land. Other observed human impacts from a marine perspective. This offered a clear vision about what the next steps should be.

The study has been published in Conservation Biology.


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