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How art could save us from extinction

New research showed the power of arts and cultural interventions in driving action for nature and climate has been released by the Oak Project. It is a collaboration with the University of Derby and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

How art could save us from extinction? The project’s first year demonstrates that experiencing nature through the arts. This is leading to a significant increase in both nature connection and personal wellbeing. This is also leading to more environmental action. 

Oak Project is a pioneering arts program. It aims to harness the power of cultural moments to create kinship with nature in response to the climate emergency and environmental crisis.

The project was launched in 2021. It was launched with a program built around three major projects. These explores our relationship with the natural world and builds connection to nature through arts.

Silence, alone in a World of Wounds is a site-specific sculpture space by Heather Peak and Ivan Morison.

Great Oaks from little acorns grow is an installation by Charlotte Smithson.

The Tune into Nature Music Prize is a competition for musicians and singer aged 16-29 whose work fosters and celebrates a stronger relationship with nature through contemporary popular music.

The evaluation revealed-

  • Silence significantly increased nature connectedness.
  • Silence significantly increased wellbeing.
  • More than half of all respondents agreed that visiting Silence made them want to do more for nature.
  • 70% of respondents agreed that Great Oaks helped them feel more connected to nature.


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