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Blue Origin completes its third space flight

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has gusted its third private crew into space and also brought it back safely on Saturday. The special guest of this private crew was the daughter of the first American astronaut.

The white spacecraft has gusted off into a clear blue sky for a 11-minute trip from West Texas. The spacecraft went beyond the internationally recognized boundary of space.

The six crew members has enjoyed a few minutes of weightlessness. They have enjoyed the view of space through tall windows of the spacecraft.

All crew members have exclaimed that they have seen nothing like that before. Blue Origin has also livestreamed the spacecraft.

The capsule returned to Earth to be landed gently in the desert by a parachute. Bezos and other company officials have congratulated all the crew members after their landing on Earth safely. The booster rocket has also touched the soil of Earth separately and safely.

Blue Origin CEO, Bob Smith has also expressed his joy through a statement after the successful landing of the capsule.

Laura Shepard-Churchley is the daughter of first American astronaut Alan Shepard who has travelled space in 1961. Laura Shepard was a special guest in the flight.

Blue Origin has named its suborbital rocket as “New Shepard”, in honour of the first American astronaut.

Michael Strahan, the American football Hall of Famer and TV personality was also a special guest in the flight. There are four paying customers in the flight. Dylan Taylor, a space industry executive and philanthropist is one of them.

Bess Ventures founder Lane Bess and Cameron Bess was among the paying customers in the flight. Lane and Cameron are also the first parent-child pair to be in space together. Investor Evan Dick was also a paying customer. Blue Origin has not disclosed the price of the tickets to fly to space yet.


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