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Strahan flies to space and said what he sees is surreal

Football star and TV celebrity, Michael Strahan shared a ride to space with the daughter of America’s first astronaut in Jeff Bezos’ rocket-launching company Blue Origin on Saturday.

Blue Origin’s rocket gusted off from West Texas. It has sent the capsule on a 11-minute tour with two special guests and four paying customers. Their automated capsule has provided them with a few minutes of weightlessness before parachuting to Earth. They have landed safely and securely on a desert. The booster has also landed on Earth with safety.

The co-host of ABC’s “Good Morning America, Strahan bubbled with excitement after his successful launch of his capsule in Earth. As soon as he jumped off his capsule, Strahan said he wants to travel again to space. Strahan also posted a video of space later and wrote that what he has seen is surreal and unbelievable.

Shepard Churchley has volunteered the third passenger flight of Blue Origin. She has borrowed the phrase of her father and yelled “Let’s light this candle!”, while she was waiting for take-off.

This launch was the last official launch of this year’s space tourism. Before this flight Blue Origin’s last fight included actor William Shatner, Captain James Kirk and the daughter of late Leonard Nimoy.


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