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Scientists invent coting to keep bananas fresh

Scientists have developed a protective cover for fruit and vegetables. This cover is based on renewable raw materials.

Keeping fruits fresh at home

Scientists have done their research in Empa’s Cellulose & Wood Materials laboratory. They have spent more than a year to develop a special protective cellulose coating. This coating can be applied to fruits and vegetables. They have seen that the coated fruits and vegetables stay fresh significantly longer. They have tested it on banana which stayed fresh for more than a week. This finding will also reduce food waste.

Production from press residues

They scientists processed pomace into fibrillated cellulose. Pomace is the solid residue left over after we have extracted the juice from fruit and vegetables. The plant leftover was disposed directly on the field or in biogas plants. In future, it can be used as a protective coating for fresh fruit. The coating is usually sprayed onto the fruit. It can also be applied to produce a dip. It is also easy to wash it off. It is also harmless for the consumer. The potential of cellulose coatings is not exploited yet. There are also possibilities of adding additives such as vitamins or antioxidants.

Credit: Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Throughout the country

Scientists will finally test it with fruit and vegetable supplier. This new technology will be used in 150 Lidl stores throughout Switzerland.


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