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Cosmic chocolate pralines? General neutron star structure revealed

Neutron stars are extremely compact objects that can form after a star dies. Their interiors, however, are unknown. Scientists have been attempting to decipher their structure since their discovery. The most difficult challenge is simulating the extreme conditions inside neutron stars. It can barely be...

Researchers found evidence Neutron star HESS J1731-347 may be a ‘strange’ star

HESS J1731-347, an extremely tiny neutron star discovered by researchers at the Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik in Germany, maybe a "strange" star.

New ‘black widow’ millisecond pulsar discovered

Astronomers reported the detection of a new millisecond pulsar. They have used the Green Bank Telescope. The have named the newfound pulsar as PSR J1555−2908. It is one of the so-called "black widow" MSPs. The study has been published in arXiv.org. The most rapidly rotating...