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Wildfires torched up giant sequoia trees

Fires in Sequoia National Park has torched 2,261 of 3,637 sequoias trees. Last year 7,500 of 10,400 giant sequoias in Sierra Nevada was killed in a wildfire. These trees are thought to be fire-proof in the beginning. This has put an exclamation mark to the affect of climate change in our environment as flames are now burning trees dating to ancient civilizations.

In last five years California has seen a lot of wildfires. This year the wildfire could have been worsen if heavy rain and snow dampened the fire.

A fire-retardant gel and water were sprinkled over the trees to save it form burning.

The bulk of the Suwanee grove and Starvation Complex of groves in the national forest have mostly destroyed by the fire.

Specialists have said that the trees have burned so badly that nothing can be done in such conditions.

Scientists are also assuming that these burned trees will perish in three to five years.

In 2013, the national park has taken up a climate where it was ensured that extreme fires wouldn’t jeopardize sequoias for the next 50 years. But in the next year, the continuous five-year drought has broken that model.

In 2015, the giant sequoias were first torched. But there was less devastation in those areas where the park has used prescribed fire to clear vegetation.

Scientists are also arranging for planting seedlings to preserve the species as fire has burnt the seeds of the trees as well.


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