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Wide bubble surrounding Earth is source of all young stars

Center for Astrophysics, Harvard & Smithsonian and Space Telescope Science Institute researchers have reconstructed the evolutionary history of our galactic neighborhood. They have showed that how a chain of events beginning 14 million years ago caused the creation of a vast bubble. This bubble is responsible for the formation of all nearby young stars.

Scientists have used a 3D spacetime animation and revealed that all young stars and star-forming regions sit on the surface of a giant bubble known as the Local Bubble. New study helped scientists to understand the Local Bubble’s beginnings and its impact on the gas around it.

The Source of Our Stars: The Local Bubble

Scientists used a trove of new data and data science techniques. The spacetime animation revealed that how a series of supernovae pushed interstellar gas outwards. Also, created a bubble-like structure with a surface that’s ripe for star formation.

We know about seven well-known star-forming regions. In these dense regions in space stars can form. Stars can sit on the surface of the bubble.

The bubble is not dormant and continues to slowly grow. Scientists have used data obtained by Gaia,  space-based observatory launched by the European Space Agency, to know about the past and present trajectories of the young stars forming on its surface and the expansion speed of the bubble as well.

Bubbles Everywhere

Scientists found out the process of star formation occurring all around on the bubble’s surface.

50 years age, scientists first theorized that superbubbles were pervasive in the Milky Way. It is unlikely that the Sun would be centered in a giant bubble if such bubbles were rare in our Milky Way Galaxy.

The scientists are now planning to map out more interstellar bubbles to get a full 3D view of their locations. They are charting out bubbles and their relationship to each other. This will help astronomers to understand the role played by dying stars in giving birth to new ones.


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