Top Useful tips when you are buying travel insurance

If you are planning to go on a family vacation to an attractive destination, it is highly recommended that you buy good travel insurance for protection against unforeseen problems such as health care expenses, or missing your flight.

Here are 7 useful tips on what you should look for when buying good travel insurance:

1. Decide on the amount of coverage you need. Do not buy travel insurance that you do not need.

2. Check if your health insurance policy covers you for the whole period of your trip. You may not need to buy separate travel insurance if you already have a good health insurance policy.

3. Do not buy travel insurance from your travel agent. Travel agents usually charge a higher premium for their services. You can buy travel insurance directly from the insurance company or through an independent broker.

4. Compare the prices and the coverage of different travel insurance policies before you buy one.

5. Read the policy document carefully before you buy any policy.

6. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the insurance company representative.

7. Keep all relevant documents with you when you travel. These documents include your travel insurance policy, your passport and other identity documents.