During some matches earlier today, Smash fans noticed that the official broadcast was full of ads.

And some ads are happening right in the middle of the action itself.

One Smash player tweeted that they were getting a “massive amount” of ads in the middle of an intense Top 32 set.

Other Smash players responded that they had similar experiences, including throughout the day Saturday, August 13.

One Smash fan even had to subscribe to VGBootcamp on Twitch to avoid the oppressive amount of ads.

A freelance esports caster responded that there should be some type of break during Smash streams to accommodate ads.

VGBootcamp deserves to make some money from ads to support their tournaments and streams.

However, having the ads in the middle of a set is definitely frustrating, even intolerable for many fans at home.

Having a small break between sets will allow for ads that aren’t as disruptive so players don’t miss the action or commentary.

For now, Smash viewers at home will have to cross their fingers that more ads don’t disrupt sets as the action becomes more intense.