How to solve shuffled shrines puzzle in fortnite?

Near the center of the temple, there will be four different mechanisms with four symbols on them.  The player can rotate these symbols, with the goal of finding the right pattern across all four mechanisms.

To find out which symbols go where, you’ll need to look around the temple for symbols that are the same as the ones on the mechanisms.

A cheat sheet for each stone is knowing that the one located in the bottom left is the first symbol, the top left is the second symbol, the top right is the third, and the bottom right is the fourth.

The first stone can be found in the corner of a cave on the bottom level of the temple. It will be surrounded by chests and can be heard when nearby.

The second stone can be found directly north of the first stone but on top of the temple. It’s located in a small room with openings on three sides.

The third stone is located inside a tent, just east of the second symbol. This one is pretty out in the open and is the only place at the temple with a tent.

The final stone symbol can be found slightly southeast of the tent on the ground. It’s located in the part of the map where there are squares that look like they’re used for excavation.

Then you’ll need to input them from left to right as they’re found on the map. Once the temple opens, the player will need to watch their step since there are clearly visible poison pressure points laying across the floor.

Once you’ve collected the idol and escaped with your life, you’ll complete the challenge and be awarded with some experience.