Delivering a premium colony simulator with RimWorld Console Edition

RimWorld Console Edition, the critically acclaimed sci-fi colony simulator, lands on PlayStation.

RimWorld intelligently generates stories with one of three A.I. storytellers through intricate and deep systems.

Enjoy countless hours of unpredictable, sometimes brutally challenging, strategic gameplay with RimWorld Console Edition.

Create and develop primitive colonies into futuristic havens, defend against rival factions attacking your base, manage colonists with unique personalities and much more.

You will encounter moral dilemmas and difficult decisions making unforgettable stories of triumph and loss.

Bringing RimWorld to PlayStation 4 systems was a great challenge to overcome for the team.

A lot of careful thought, design, and work has gone into every aspect of the game to seamlessly transition RimWorld’s critically acclaimed gameplay to PlayStation audiences.

The team have worked endlessly to best capitalise on PS4 hardware to offer a smooth gameplay experience.