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Temperature increases in Greenland

The Danish Meteorological Institute said that temperatures have soared in Greenland recently. The warming trends experts have linked it with global warming.

In Greenland’s capital Nuuk, the mercury hit 13 Celsius on December 20. The average temperature of this time of a year is -5.3C.

In the north side of Greenland, temperatures reached 8.3C in a continent named Qaanaaq. In this continent, the seasonal average temperature is -20.1C, according to DMI.

But DMI did not say it clearly that if this temperature has broken records of past temperatures of the island.

DMI climatologist Caroline Drost Jensen thinks, one of the reasons of this high temperature can be the foehn meteorological phenomenon which is a warm wind that is common in Greenland.

Jensen said, it is unusual that the temperature is increasing across such a vast territory and for so long. Jensen added that global warming is also contributing in the elevation of temperatures that Greenland is facing right now.

Because of 10 degrees higher temperature in the summer, Greenland has lost glaciers across a vast territory.

The glaciers were recorded to have lost eight billion tonnes of ice in a day. This is double of the average amount the glaciers usually shed in the summer.


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