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Sun is a source of Earth’s water

Researchers from Curtin University have unrevealed the mysterious source behind Earth’s water. They found that Sun can be a source behind Earth’s plentiful water. They found that solar wind from Sun made of hydrogen ions are responsible for creating water on the surface of asteroids. These asteroids smashed into the Earth in the beginning of the Solar System.

Distinguished Professors Phil Bland and John Curtin said that our Earth very much water-rich than any other rocky planet in the Solar System. As oceans covers more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface.

This research paper named “Solar wind Contributions to the Earth’s Oceans” has been published in Nature Astronomy.

Dr. Luke Daly, a professor of University of Glasgow said that this new finding will not only help in getting insight into the past source of Earth’s water, but it will also help in future space missions.


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