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Study shows today’s warming was fixed form 24,000 years ago

University of Arizona researchers have tried to reconstruct Earth’s climate since the last ice age which was at least 24,000 years ago. They tried to find out what was the main factors behind Earth’s climate change and how human behaviour has evoked climate change on Earth.

They have found out three main reasons behind climate change. One major factor is the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and the retreat of the ice sheets.

Researchers said that the rate of warming over the last 150 years has crossed the combined rate of temperature of last 24,000 years.

They have also said that the speed of human-caused global warming is faster than anything they have ever seen before.

Eight years ago, researchers have created a graph of global temperature change to determine how much the global temperature has changed since the last ice age.

The team of the researchers has created a map of global temperature changes for 24,000 years at 200-year intervals.

Scientists say that this map has proved to be very powerful in order to know how temperatures have changed across Earth. People can know about how severe climate change is affecting the place they are living today or where they were born.

The researchers have combined temperature data from marine sediments and computer simulations of climate in order to reconstruct a complete picture of past temperatures.

Marine sediments are useful in this research because changes in temperature affect the chemistry of a long-dead animal’s shell and palaeoclimatologists can use that shell to define the temperature of that area.

Computer-simulated climate models provided the scientists with temperature information which was based on the physics of the climate system.

The researchers have used the same method that is used for weather forecasting. In weather forecasting, meteorologists reflect on current weather and then they observe other things such as temperature, pressure, humidity and wind direction to predict the forecast.

The researchers have also assimilated two different kinds of dataset to get their result.

Now the researchers are trying to know about climate changes farther in the past with this method.


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