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Sierra Nevada has two geological birthdays

New analysis found how the central Nevada was created. This formation has been one of the much-debated topics among researchers. This mountain range covers three national parks- Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite. In the beginning researchers thought the mountain was locally derived. But researchers found the origin of the mountain indicates it is a part of today’s Great Basin.

100 million years ago, Sierra Nevada began as a volcanic chain. But, 40 million to 20 million years ago, a region-wide volcanic flare-up dwarfed the mountain range. The mountain was reborn about 10 million years ago.

The researchers said, the typically static Continental Divide gone through a progressive shift eastward. The upheaval created a whole new system of rivers.

The new Sierra Nevada has emerged, 10 million years ago, as the western U.S. was chiselled apart by basin. This process of creating the mountain has very little to do it its earlier creation history.


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