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Scientists rediscover loach that they thought extinct

Batman River loach has been rediscovered by Turkish ichthyologists in two streams in southeast Turkey. This fish is seen for the first time since 1974. This species was in Wild’s top 10 lost fish list.

Associate professor of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Cüynet Kaya has said that two of the 10 lost fish species have been distributed in many countries.

Researchers have set out to find the small yellow-and-brown striped fish. This fish is the smallest loach species in the entire Middle East. This small species has been distributed among streams of the Batman River. This species is 1.4 inches long.

The researchers have searched the river underneath the historic Malabadi bridge and in Batman River. In the Batman River, the species was first seen. The researchers have also carefully analysed where the species could possibly survive in the Batman River and after analysing it the researchers have focused upon Sarim Stream. In the month of October and November 2021, the team has searched the Sarim Stream as this stream is shallow, rocky and fast-flowing which is suitable for fishes to live.

Scientists have searched the stream with tight-weave net. They have found 14 loach fish in the Sarim Stream. Scientists have also commented that the growth of stream seemed steady but the fishes are worried about the effects of pollution and invasive species. The scientists also emphasised upon further studying the species to clearly understand the species’ total distribution.

Population of the Batman River loach have lessened after the construction of Batman Dam in Turkey. Some scientists thought that the species may have extinct. In 1974, the species was last found in downstream of the dam. The researchers could not find the fish in its original locations where it was previously found. Scientists have thought it has extinct but now they are sure of its existence.


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