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Scientists offers Mailbox Perspective for future 6G network

A Mailbox Perspective has been published in Big Data and Cognitive Computing by MDPI. International scientists have proposed a “cognitive” 6G network. This step will enhance the 5G network. 5G network encodes and transmits data with meaning.

Commercial 5G is deploying fast. Scientists are now eyeing 6G. Scientists are hoping the 5G technology for mobile communication networks will be available 2023. 6G network will come in 2030. In the 6G network is going to increase data rates by over 100 times. This will be one terabyte per second. This will help to move large amount of data. This network will need customize services to meet demands and transmit valued data.

The research paper of the scientists has proposed a “mailbox theory” and this theory envisions a 6G network with characteristics such as-

Distributed Intelligent Network- intelligent applications will be embedded in the network. The network will be managed and controlled by intelligent. The network will be able to transmit, store and analyse large-scale data.

Proactive Interactive Network- 6G will be a personalized network. Users will be able to define network functions according to their demand. The network will adjust itself in real time according to the user’s demand. The network requires artificial intelligence to protect personal data.

Cognitive Information Transmission- This network will reduce redundant transmissions and it will ensure semantic meanings are sent.


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