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Scientists create strange quantum domain walls in laboratory

University of Chicago scientists created a new kind of quantum object at will in the laboratory. Now scientists will better understand exotic quantum particles. They suggested avenues for new technology in the future. This includes avenues for new technology in the future.

The study has been published in the journal Nature. Scientists studied novel quantum systems and physics. Scientists noticed an intriguing occurrence in atoms at extremely low temperatures. Groups of atoms can segregate into domains, under the right conditions. A “wall” forms at the junction where they met. This domain wall behaved like an independent quantum object.

Scientists glimpsed these domain walls in quantum materials. But they couldn’t reliably generate and analyse them previously. Scientists created the recipe to make and closely study the walls. They noticed surprising behaviours.

These domain walls are part of a class known as “emergent” phenomena. This means they appear to follow new laws of physics. This is as a result of many particles acting together as a collective.

Scientists studied these emergent phenomena. They believed they can shed light on a set of laws called dynamical gauge theory. These describes other emerging phenomena in materials as well as in the early universe. The same phenomena likely held together the first particles. They clumped together to form galaxies, stars, and planets. This field also enabled new quantum technology. Scientists catalogued these behaviours in part. These can become the basis of future technology. Like the basis of modern GPS stems from scientists in the 1950s. As they were trying to test Einstein’s theory of relativity.


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