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Russia launches new docking module to ISS

The Roscosmos space agency declared that a Russian Soyuz rocket is carrying a new Prichal docking module for the International Space Station. The previous docking module was blasted off by the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

A live feed from Roscosmos showed that the carrier rocket took off from the Russia-leased spaceport at 1306 GMT.

Prichal is the second permanent addition in the ISS form Russia, after they have launched the Nauka lab module.

Roscosmos also said that the carrier will take two days and Prichal will be automatically docked at the nadir port of the Nauka module.

The new module will be able to accomodate up to five spacecraft and will be able to deliver various cargo to the ISS. It will also provide food rations and hygiene supplies.

The docking of Nauka had unexpectedly fired and the ISS tilted out of the orbit a bit.

Russia has also announced that it will be creating its own orbital station soon.


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