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Researchers make non-alcoholic beer taste like regular beer

The sale of non-alcoholic beer has risen in Denmark and Europe in the last couple of years. But there are still many people who won’t follow the healthy trend. As they find the taste not to be quite as good as regular beers.

Some people find the taste to be flat and watery. This also has natural explanation. Now scientists have cracked the code of how to make non-alcoholic beer that is full of hop aroma.

Instead of adding expensive aroma hops in the brewing tank, scientists just “throw away” their flavour at the end of the process. They have turned baker’s yeast cells into micro-factories. It can grow in fermenters and release the aroma of hops.

A lot more sustainable

Scientists mentioned the method is also far more sustainable than the existing techniques. As the aroma hops are mainly farmed in the west coast of the U.S. This causes the need for extensive transportation. It also needs cooling down the crops in refrigerators.

Also hops demand lots of water. One needs 2.7 tons of water to grow one kilogram of hops. This makes it a not very climate-friendly production.

Good news for society

Scientists are also pleased to be able to contribute to a much healthier lifestyle. They hope that their new invention will help more people cut down on alcohol. As now they will have equally delicious alternatives.

The new method already being tested in breweries in Denmark. Scientists are planning to have the technique ready for the entire brewing industry in October 2022.

The study has been published in Nature Biotechnology.


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