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Researchers hits at volcanic activity in Venus

A team of researchers have found traces of volcanic activity in Idunn Mons of Venus. This new finding has been published in The Planetary Science Journal. But the researchers also said that their theories can only be confirmed after they send new spacecraft to Venus.

Previously researchers have found Venus is not a hospitable place. The atmosphere of this planet is filled with carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. Venus is also very hot. Its temperature is around 450 degrees Celsius.

Though prior research conducted upon Venus has suggested wide spread volcanic activity but they did not find any direct evidence. This time, the researchers have collected pieces of data together to prove volcanic activities involving Idunn Mons. The Idunn Mons covers 200 kilometers of Venuses’ surface area.

The researchers studied the data of Venus Express orbiter. In their study, they have found out lava flows around Idunn Mons. They have also found that lava on the surface of Venus have degraded faster then they have previously thought.

Scientists think the lava is only 1,000 years old. They also discovered that winds have been disrupted around Idunn Mons possibly because of heat emerging form the volcano.

The researchers have acknowledged that all their assumptions are based on circumstances. This means they did not find any direct evidence of volcanic activity. But they also said that they will soon send two probes to Venus named VERITAS and DAVINCI+ soon. They are also hopeful that one of these probes might send some data that will prove their susception about Venuses’ volcanic activity.


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