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Research reveals ‘dark side of ambition’ of climate policy

Australian National University researchers say extreme emission reduction schemes need to be taken into account. As emission reduction schemes are necessary but they need to be done in a right way.

Researchers said China’s climate actions can offer lessons to those countries looking to take action post COP26.

Researchers also added policies driven by a single overriding metric can produce adverse side-effects.

But researchers also show us “the dark side” of China’s climate ambition. As hydropower is the largest renewable energy in China but it has no restriction for expanding. This unrestricted expansion put pressure on fragile ecosystem of the country.

Though reducing emissions is crucial but policymakers need to generate multiple benefits from the solution. The solutions need to be favourable with local circumstances and should result in local development.

Scientists have suggested a few points that will help policy makers to achieve the goal. Scientists said policy makers need to invest more time to evaluate the environmental and social impacts of the proposed emissions reductions policies.

To ensure the success of the Paris Agreement, policy makers should make policies that will maximize benefits, minimize costs and identify local conflicts.


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