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NASA wants ideas for a nuclear reactor on Moon

NASA has requested to come forward with ideas about how to put a nuclear fission power plant on the moon. They want to hear ideas about a fission surface power system on Moon. NASA is working together with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory to make a sun-independent power source for their next mission on Moon.

NASA says that fission surface power is the only way that will be able to provide sustained, abundant power despite the environmental conditions on the moon. NASA also says, if they were successful in this project, their next target will be Mars.

The fission surface power system needs include a uranium-fuelled reactor core for several benefits. It will also need another system to convert the nuclear power into usable energy. Another thermal management system to keep the reactor cool and also a distribution system to continue electric power on Moon for 10 years.

Other features such as it will be able to switch on and off itself without any human help. It will be capable of operating from the deck of a lunar lander.

The time it will be launched it should fit inside a 12-foot diameter cylinder and its weight needs to be within 13,200 pounds.


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