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NASA extended ISS operations till 2030

International Space Station will continue its operations till 2030. Biden-Harris Administration wants the ISS to work till the end of this decade. It will also work together with international partners such as ESA – European Space Agency, JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, CSA – Canadian Space Agency and Russia – State Space Corporation Roscosmos. This will enable ISS to continue its ground-breaking research through the rest of the decade. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has announced it earlier this week.

The ISS has a continuous human presence in its orbiting laboratory over the past two decades. They have conducted scientific research to explore space like it was explored ever before.

The ISS has hosted nearly 3,000 research investigations and nearly 4,200 researchers from all around the world has conducted those investigations. The researchers have found enormous scientific, educational and technological data that will expand their knowledge about space. 110 countries from all around earth have participated in these activities.

In the ISS free-flying instruments have helped us to measure the effects of drought on the forests. It has also helped us to understand the interaction of carbon and climate change.

The climate-related instruments in the ISS will also develop our understanding of the climate cycle in the end of these decade. As now the timespan of the ISS has extended till 2030, we will have more years of productive research. NASA’s decision will bring commercial space stations together to ensure continuous human presence in the ISS.


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