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NASA, ESA reveal tale of death, dust in Orion constellation

The Orion Nebula, located within the Orion constellation, is a hive of stars that are being born, lived, and died. NASA has now combined images from three different telescopes, and they tell a fascinating story. When you look closely at the images, you can see the voids left by massive, unseen stars. And as well as hot spots where newer stars are forming.

The Orion constellation, as one of the numerous stellar nurseries discovered, is a vital conservation area for many astronomers. These images of the Orion Nebula are from a region of space made up of Orion’s sword. It is a series of stars that run perpendicular to Orion’s belt. According to NASA, this region of space would be about the size of the Moon when viewed from above.

Thanks to telescopes like the James Webb space telescope, we can zoom in exponentially on these areas. And investigate them in greater depth. This detail has allowed astronomers to learn even more about the Orion constellation and the nebula that inhabits it.

According to NASA, the two massive caverns visible in these images are parts of space carved out by giant stars. The stars are capable of producing up to a million times more light than the Sun, which warms the Earth. That’s a lot of light (and heat). And the light’s radiation caused the dust in this area to break apart, resulting in these open spaces.


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