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NASA detected exploding meteor that shook ground

Over suburban Pittsburgh a meteor has caused an earth-shaking boom. This has happened on the New Year’s Day. The meteor exploded in the atmosphere with a lot of energy. Scientists have estimated that the energy will be equivalent to 30 tons.

NASA’s Meteor Watch has observed that on the New Year’s Eve, a “reasonable assumption” with the speed of 45,000 mph has hit the ground. The size of the Meteor will be a yard in diameter and its mass will be nearly 454 kilograms.

Because of cloudy weather, the Meteor was not visible in the daylight sky. Scientists said, it was 100 times brighter than a full moon.

A nearby infrasound station have estimated the blast wave of the Meteor.

Shannon Hefferan, a National Weather Service meteorologist has told that satellite data have recorded a light over Washington County. This flash was recorded before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. Experts think this happened due to a meteor fall through the atmosphere. Scientists also said a similar thing had happened in Hardy County, West Virginia on 17th September.

Residents of these areas have also reported of hearing a loud noise. They have also felt that their homes were rattling and shaking. The officials have also said that there has been no seismic activity.


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