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Nanocarriers based on nucleic acids: An important player in the future field of nanomedicine

Chemotherapy is the main clinical treatment strategy for cancer. It has produced significant effects. Chemotherapy also has a destructive effect on normal tissues and cells. It has brought many side effects to patients. It is necessary to study high-precision, safe and controllable treatment strategies. Nanocarriers constructed by nucleic acids (NCNAs) with addressable and sequence specificity have caught the attention of researchers, with the development of research.

National Science Review published an academic paper titled “Construction of nanocarriers based on nucleic acids and their application in nanobiology delivery systems”. It was organized and written by Professor Yingshu Guo of Qilu University of Technology and Professor Weihong Tan of Institute of Oncology and Basic Medicine of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The paper analyzed the classification and characteristics of NCNAs and systematically summarized their applications and advantages in the field of nanobiotics.

In this paper, NCNAs are divided into three types:

  1. DNA nanocarriers;
  2. RNA nanocarriers;
  3. DNA/RNA composite nanocarriers.

The application of NCNAs in biosensing is introduced in detail. The addition of NCNAs can improve nanomaterials’ ability of target recognition. It will allow them to effectively identify and analyze the target material as well as accurately control and trigger the reaction process.

It has the potential for further exploration and application. The use of NCNAs in cargo loading and transport and the application in the field of diagnosis logic gates are introduced systematically and in-depth analysis. The application is in its infancy. Its clinical application still has a long way to go. This needs an in-depth understanding of the characteristic of NCNAs for the exploration of higher precision.


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