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Mini-radar will peer inside asteroid

The smallest radar system to be flown in space is upgraded by radio-frequency chamber in ESA’s technical heart and it is a breadbox-sized spacecraft that will fly to the Didymos binary asteroid system with ESA’s Hera mission for planetary defence of 2024.

The Juventas CubeSat is going to be the first radar sounding inside an asteroid. Juventas will go inside 100 m deep within Dimorphos moonlet of the 780-m-diameter Didymos asteroid.

CubeSat is a mini-satellite of 10-cm boxes. Juventas is a ‘6-unit’ CubeSat. The Juventas CubeSat will evaluate how the body of the miniature spacecraft will affect the radar signals.

ESA’s Hertz team and MVG worked together to make a new devise for making lower frequency testing possible. This devise was targeted to enable Juventas testing.

Juventas is a more advanced form of the Rosetta spacecraft’s technologically advanced CONSERT radar system. So, Juventas’s orbit will be 3 km above the surface of Dimorphos, which will help it to mix up multiple signal reflections and resolve them into images.


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