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Mercedes does recall against Tesla’s gaming while driving feature

Tesla has allowed drivers to play video games on dashboard touch screens while the car is moving. Mercedes-Benz has filed report against it. Mercedes-Benz has said in a document that this feature has affected 227 vehicles and these vehicles has been fixed up by updating an internal computer server.

Mercedes forged the file to express their concern about distracted driving. Tesla has also not said anything about whether they have applied federal auto safety standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or not.

Philip Koopman, a professor of electrical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University has said that Mercedes is flowing regulatory rules while Tesla is not. Koopman has also added that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must take action against Tesla.

NHTSA did not directly address this crisis, but it has said in a statement that federal vehicle safety act prohibits the selling of all those vehicles that have some unreasonable risk to safety.

NHTSA has said in the statement that every motor vehicle manufacturer has the responsibility to immediately repair safety defect in vehicles. NHTSA has also said that automakers should communicate with customers about their complaints and concerns. Companies should also submit data on a regular basis to NHTSA. If NHTSA sees there are any safety risks in the data they will act immediately.

Mercedes showed that in their 2021 and 2022 EQS and S model vehicles, drivers will be able to access television programs and internet while the car in moving. Mercedes has said that it has disabled this feature. Mercedes wrote in an explanation that these features might cause distractions to drivers and it will increase the risk of a crash.

Mercedes has also given the statement that this feature has caused no crashes or injuries till now.


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