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Life on Mars search could be misled by false fossils

New research suggested that Mars explorers can be fooled by fossil-like specimens created by chemical processes when searching for signs of ancient life on the planet. Mars rocks contain numerous types of non-biological deposits that look alike with the kind of fossils that will suggest the planet’s ancient lives.

Researchers say that explorers must differentiate between these false fossils and the real one which will support the statement that Mars was temporarily habitable four billion years ago.

Astrobiologists have studied all types of processes that could have created lifelike mimicking fossils on Mars.

The astrobiologists found out dozens of processes that may have induced these rocks to mimic the microscopic, simple lifeforms that was once there on Mars.

These processes that the researchers discovered has created rocks that look alike bacterial cells and carbon-based molecules which resembles the evidences of life.

Scientists say that signs of life can be mimicked by non-living processes. But the fossil-like specimens found on Mars are actually very ambiguous.

These processes demand for more interdisciplinary research to found out more about how lifelike deposits could form on Mars. This will also help in knowing more about the evidences of life on Mars.


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