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Landing of SpaceX got delayed due to high wind

Since the time of spring, high wind off the Florida coast has resulted delay of the much-awaited SpaceX which has four space station astronauts in orbit.

SpaceX’s four astronauts are from France, U.S. and Japan. All these astronauts were supposed to leave the International Space Station on 7th November this year. But their capsule splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on 8th November.

As the gusts exceeded safety limits, SpaceX has bumped the departure to 8th November afternoon. The SpaceX will conclude its six-month mission at the night of 8th November.

The good is news is they will be home very soon. We have heard news that the toilet in their capsule has been broken, so they are only relying on diapers as they are flying back home.

SpaceX is aiming to be launched on 10th November. Their flight has been delayed because of recent bad weather at the Florida coast. One of the astronomers has also been sick, though minor, and sources say that it will be resolved soon.

SpaceX and NASA have flipped the order of the launch and landing last week, because of the deteriorating weather. Another reason behind the delay was the looming deadline to get the capsule back from the space station.

The capsules of SpaceX are certified in orbit for a maximum 210 days. The journey in the space of the astronomers is also approaching nearly 200 days.


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