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Instagram tightens teen policies

Instagram has tightened up its protections for teens on the event of a Senate hearing about if Instagram is “toxic” for young users or not. Adam Mosseri, the chief executive of Instagram said that Instagram has too many positive impacts on young people. He is also hopeful that Instagram will always be in this way and it is his duty to make it safer for young people.

Instagram’s leading company Meta is battling a serious reputational crisis. Because it has faced a reputational crisis as some whistle-blower leaked documents by saying that Instagram executives know, their site is making teens feel badly about themselves.

The chief executive of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has appeared before a Senate panel and defended his platform.

The app has also started “nudging” teens toward new topics. It is also trying to stop people from mentioning teens who don’t follow them on Instagram.

Lawmakers have talked about the platform’s capacity to protect kids. Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn said that Meta is trying to shift our attention from their mistakes by adding timers and content control features in Instagram, but these features should be there since beginning.

Blackburn also said that Instagram is just taking baby steps and it falls too short to protect children and consumers. Blackburn added chief executives of Instagram has planned to distract from the testimony than really advancing child’s safety.

Instagram said, they will start their policies from Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States and it will expand their policies in other countries too.

Instagram also introduced an educational hub for parents. They are also introducing tools for setting limits on how much time their children are spending on the app.

The company has also announced it would suspend the development of a version of Instagram for the users younger than 13.


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