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Iceland’s volcano pauses, but it’s not over

Fagradalsfjall volcano of Iceland has not spewed lava since September. But according to scientists, it is too early to say that the eruption is over. Lava began to flow out of a fissure in the ground of the southwest of Reykjavik. The spectacle scenery has become a tourist attraction quickly.

Now, hardened black lava fields cover the land for almost five square kilometres and sulfurous plume of smoke is rising up from the cracks occasionally.

The slight vibration that happens before and during an eruption has not been recorded by seismographs for nearly two months.

Though there is no lava eruption at this time but a plume of smoke is still rising from the main crater.

After spitting out magma, which is of 1,200 degrees Celsius, it takes a lot of time for the volcano to cool down and stop gas exhalation and heat.

More than 340,000 curious people has visited this place since March, but recently, this number has declined.

Scientists think that this area is still active and they are keeping a close eye on it.

Satellite and GPS together have recorded a recent rise in the ground level of Reykjanes peninsula. This rise is called inflation or uplift which supports the theory of volcanic reactivation.

The ground rise happened in mid-September but it is relatively very small than the previous rises.

Though it is not possible to predict a volcanic eruption, but scientists won’t be surprised to see a continuation of the eruption at Fagradalsfjall or if a new fissure open elsewhere on peninsula.


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