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IBM announces new 127-qubit quantum processor

As a part of  IBM Quantum Summit 2021, IBM announced the development of a 127-qubit quantum processor. The company also announced the computers running the new processor will be available to IBM Quantum Network members. The company has named the current processor as Eagle. The company has also planned to launch two new more powerful processors named Osprey and Condor in coming years.

For several decades now, some of the very big companies are trying to develop a truly functional and useful quantum computer. Some companies have tried to make it by using entangled photons and some has tired to make it using superconducting materials. IBM has made its new processor based on superconducting materials.

The new processor of IBM has made a new record as before the invention of this computer the number of qubits was 64. The new 127 qubit suggests a massive increase in computing power. Though IBM has not yet revealed any data about the performance of the computer.

IBM has already claimed that they have made world’s largest superconductor-based quantum computer. They said the new developed computer will outperform classical computers and also will be able to solve problems that would take traditional computers thousands of years to process.

The Eagle processor has qubit control components in multiple physical layers of the processor which will help in stability. The company said the next Osprey processor will have 433 qubits and Condor will have 1121 qubits. The company suggested, by the year of 2023, they will deliver Condor processor.


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