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Hurricanes expected to linger over North-eastern U.S.

North-eastern U.S. cities are going to witness worsening hurricane outcomes where storms will arrive more quickly after they have made their landfall. These storms are going to linger over East Coast and are going to make greater damage along the heavily populated corridor.

Scientists have analysed where storms have been formed, their speed and where they end from pre-industrial period to the end of 21st century.

They found out that future East Coast storms will produce greater damage than any storm in the past. Scientists also predicted that more storms will be generated in the East Coast and they will reach the Northeast corridor more quickly. The storms will slow down when they will come near Northeast region and they will cause rain, floods and related damage in the Northeast area.

Scientists also predict that the storms of future will be two times bigger than the storms of today.

Changes in atmospheric patterns in the Atlantic will influence the storm speed. But scientists say they need to study more about the relationship between global warming and changing storm tracks.

The U.S. coastlines were hit by 19 tropical cyclones during 2010-2020, which has caused billion-dollar disasters. The economic damage is going to increase as the storms are now going to linger for more time.


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