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How to read a jellyfish’s behaviour

Till now, human brain and its behavioural pattern was a complete mystery to neuroscientists. But now, they have found a way to understand the pattern through a new and simpler organism named tiny jellyfish. Researchers have developed a genetic toolbox to study Clytia hemisphaerica which is a kind of jellyfish.

With this toolkit, jellyfishes are genetically modified, so, their neurons can individually glow with fluorescent light when activated as jellyfishes are transparent. The researchers will be able to track jellyfishes’ neural activity as it behaves naturally. Scientists will trace jellyfish’s mind through its various activities to understand its relatively simple brain coordinates.

The brain of a jellyfish is diffused across its whole body like a net. Also, the several body parts of a jellyfish can operate autonomously.

The researchers first examined the neural circuits of jellyfish’s feeding behaviour. Researchers examined the glowing chain reactions in jellyfish’s body as they ate.

It is also easy to maintain the lineage of jellyfishes in artificial sea water.


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