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Historically unrecorded Chilean tsunami identified

According to a new study published in Communications Earth & Environment journal has stated that the large earthquake that took place in the coast of south-central Chile in 1737, might have caused a tsunami which has no historical records.

Scientists are using historical records to predict how often tsunami can occur in future. Till now, it was believed that tsunami-causing earthquakes had occurred in Chile three times since the 1570s.

But this new discovery has made sure that tsunami has hit Chile more often than scientists previously thought.

Scientists have also calculated the time period after which tsunami may have occurred in the past and they have decided it must be 130 years in average.

Researchers from Northumbria and York University have worked together to investigate the tidal marshes at Chaihuín, where the 1737 earthquake took place.

Researchers found widespread sandy layers that has been formed during the time of the earthquake. These sandy layers resemble the sandy layers in other places that tsunami has formed.

Scientists also found mixture of marine and freshwater algae species as they have survived the tsunami.

The 1737 earthquake mainly ruptured offshore. Now, researchers think that previous records should not be thought as evidence to predict future tsunami. The historical documentation will not give a proper view of the occurrence and characteristics of tsunami.

Dr. Emma Hocking of Northumbria University also thinks that past records are incomplete and scientists should not solely depend on historical record to predict future risks.

Historical record says there was an earthquake in 1737 but there is no indication of tsunami, caused by this earthquake. But now, scientists have found evidences that suggests that the earthquake caused a tsunami.

Depending on historical records can give researchers miscalculations. Researchers need to analyse geological evidences before predicting anything.


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