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High fraction of dead galaxies found in ancient galactic city

University of California scientists have discovered an unusual massive cluster of young galaxies forming in the early universe. They have named the newly discovered growing galactic metropolis as MAGAZ3NE J095924+022537. It is a new born galaxy cluster or protocluster. It consists of at least 38 member galaxies. It is about 11.8 billion light-years away from Earth.

Galaxy clusters grow over time under gravity. In the present-day universe, they can contain hundreds or even thousands of galaxies. They can also contain hot gas and dark matter. Their galaxies burn through the fuel available and evolve from vigorously star-forming galaxies into red and dead galaxies.

Scientists said, J0959 was discovered from the “Massive Ancient Galaxies at Z > 3 NEar-infrared” or MAGAZ3NE survey. It was designed to discover and study ultra-massive galaxies and their neighbours.

Scientists explained at the heart of MAGAZ3NE J0959 is an ultra-massive galaxy. It has already formed a mass of more than 200 billion suns.

MAGAZ3NE J0959 was discovered from the ground. But the recently-launched James Webb Space Telescope should soon reveal whether there are other protoclusters like MAGAZ3NE J0959. As it is packed with dead galaxies waiting to be found in the early universe.

Scientists used spectroscopic observations from the W. M. Keck Observatory’s Multi-Object Spectrograph for Infrared Exploration or MOSFIRE. They wanted to make detailed measurements of MAGAZ3NE J0959. They also wanted to precisely quantify its distances. Scientists are planning to study the neighbourhood of all other ultra-massive galaxies in the MAGAZ3NE survey.


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