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Hawaii deals with big storm and flood threats

A slow-moving storm has knocked out power and swamped dozens of homes in Hawaii has mostly passed away. But the threat of flood is lingering in some already-drenched areas. In Oahu, showers were tapering off and Pearl Harbour survivors have gathered under overcast skies for an 80th anniversary event. Hawaii has received between 15 and 25 centimetres of rainfall. There is still a chance for heavy rain in Kauai.

A strong winter storm was lingering over Hawaii for several days. According to the Hawaiian Electric Company, the storm has knocking out power to 42,000 people on Maui and the Big Island. Outages were also reported on other islands, but it is still unclear how many people were affected.

The Honolulu Fire Department has reported nearly 100 storm related incidents within 24 hours. The Fire Department has also saved 10 people from flash flooding. The Fire Department has responded to two landslides and four wind-torn roofs.

In Oahu, several schools had been closed due to severe weather. Widespread power outages were reported on Oahu too. This power outages included downtown Honolulu. In Honolulu, utility crews were working to restore electricity after continuous rain has flooded a substation. Police were actively directing traffic at busy cross streets where the traffic lights were out due to power cut.

In Oahu, four shelters had been opened by the authority. The storm is expected to move out of Hawaii on Wednesday. The Gov. David Ige has already issued a state of emergency for all the islands.

Big Island and Maui were almost clear after Tuesday morning. On Maui, more than 30 centimetres of rainfall has happened.

Mitch Roth, the Mayor of Big Island had announced an emergency after heavy rain on Sunday.

The storm has been named “Kona low”. This was a kind of low-pressure storm that happens in Hawaii during the winter.


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