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Glyphosate does not cause mortality in bumble bees

Though Glyphosate is widely used herbicide in the world, mainly in agriculture. Glyphosate was thought to be ‘bee-safe’ by regulators, but recent research shown us that it has negative effects on bees. Researchers tried to find out if glyphosate alone or combined with other stressors is harmful for bee health.

Royal Holloway University of London researchers expanded our knowledge on glyphosate. They have tested Glyphosate on species on whom it was never tested before like buff-tailed bumble bee.

Researchers used several methods from ecotoxicology and observed that there is no particular change on bee mortality when bees are exposed to glyphosate. There is also no change in the reproduction system of bees.

The finding proves that oral exposure to glyphosate does not cause mortality in bumble bees. The findings also say glyphosate alone does not have any harmful effect on bumble bees.

The researchers have planned next to test glyphosate on wild bees to see if it is harmful for their health or not. Then, they will come to a conclusion that glyphosate is not at all harmful for the entire bee species.


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